Leaping Lily Pads

Fridays and Saturdays

Win up to $400 in e-Cash, depending on how far you jump across the pond. Each pad reveals a forward move with a prize amount or a splash to end the game with a consolation prize of $250 in e-Cash. Prizes increase depending on how far you advance across the pond. You can collect the award landed on or continue across the lily pad pond with the hope of avoiding a splash.

  • Drawings are every half hour from 4pm to 8pm
  • Every 25 points earned is an entry. Entries are property specific
  • $150 in e-Cash added to the progressive for each contestant who plays

Progressive finale drawings are held at both properties on Thursday, February 29th.
You could win over $10,000 in e-Cash!

January 5th to February 24th

See Guest Services for details. Management reserves all rights.