It’s time to start having fun again!

Well we did it!!

We are finally able to get back together.

It’s time to start having fun again.

I hope you and all your loved ones have stayed healthy and safe during this very challenging time.

We are extremely excited to be able to welcome you back starting on June 17 at 8 am.

In this new environment of heightened caution and safety, we want you to know that we may have changed some things about the way we look, but not the way we feel.

Your health and safety have always been a priority for us, and that will be emphasized in more obvious ways as we move forward. You will see us cleaning areas of high traffic with increased frequency; this will be handled not only by our Housekeeping staff, but everyone will be chipping in to help.

All guests and employees will be required to wear masks, and you may see many of our employees wearing gloves.

We have invested in thermal cameras to take the temperature of all people entering the building without lines or congregating so you can get to where you are going fast and conveniently.

We are increasing the intake of fresh air into the building and we have changed out all the air filters in the property and will have a shorter replacement cycle.

We will have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes throughout the properties, and you will see our “Clean Team” disinfecting slot machines after use.

We have treated common touchpoints, including slot machine buttons, screens, and chairs with the Microshield 360 product which creates a barrier to kill bacteria and viruses for a full year.

Signage will be posted for distancing requirements with recommendations from health experts about how to stay safe.

These heightened safety protocols help ensure you have a safe and fun trip!

So, while our uniform may be more extensive and you may not see us smile at you with our mouths, we will be sure to smile with our eyes, our words, and our actions.

We believe it’s time to have fun again, and when it comes to fun, The Lodge and Gilpin are here for you!

On behalf of all our staff, we look forward to seeing you again and welcoming you back.

P.S.  Contrary to the rumors that may be floating around, we are not taking any measures to increase our hold or “tighten” games due to the closure.  You will have the same shot to win as you did before.